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Obtain total visibility and keep track of any operation on sensitive data

Classify content and make sure identified documents comply with regulations


DCAP solution (data-centric audit and protection) for automated file system audit, search for access violations and monitoring changes in critical data.

FileAuditor answers important questions about internal business risks mitigation:

  • • What documents contain business critical information?
  • • How much critical data does a company have and where is it located?
  • • Who has access to the data and can edit it?


Compliance and investigation ensuring data inventory, i.e. inventory of personal data and operations on data within your corporate system, and comprising techniques based on eDiscovery elements. Companies have to incorporate a solid data inventory processes or refine the existing practices in order to comply with the recent regulations.
The software helps you to stay informed of which kind of information is gathered by your company, how it is stored and used.

Change Management. The solution will help you to control such procedures as requesting a change and system respond to the change regarding implemented mechanisms and policies and user behavior.
FileAuditor abides by the standards demanding that all processes be authorised, the system helps a specialist see what can and can’t be changed, whether an action is sanctioned or not.

Risk Management. Privileged access is among the most common reasons for security issues. The software enables privileged access management – you can monitor data usage on endpoints and servers by privileged accounts (for example, system administrators), control their activity and obtain information improving decision making regarding access granting and allocation of duties.