• Kaspersky Total Security

      Kaspersky Total Security

      When your family’s online, you can ensure they’re not just connected… they’re protected.

      Award-winning security helps you safeguard your family – and their privacy, money & precious memories – on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone & iPad.

      • Protects your family’s privacy, memories & data
      • Boosts security for online shopping & banking
      • Safeguards children – via Kaspersky Safe Kids

      Range of functions depends on the type of device being used.

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    • Kaspersky Internet Security

      Kaspersky Internet Security

      Whenever you’re online – shopping, banking, surfing & socializing – you need to make sure you’re safe from Internet attacks, infections & cybercrime.

      With just one license to buy, you can protect your privacy, money & children – on PC, Mac & Android.

      • Safeguards you against today’s Internet threats
      • Defends your privacy & personal information
      • Boosts security for online shopping & banking
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    • Kaspersky Anti-Virus

      Kaspersky Anti-Virus

      Think of all the precious things on your PC. We can help you protect them against viruses, spyware & more.

      Our award-winning security makes it easy to defeat digital dangers – without slowing you down.

      • Protects against viruses, spyware & more
      • Lets your PC perform – as it was designed to
      • Simplifies security – via easy, online control
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    • Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

      Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

      Your phone & tablet can be as vulnerable as your PC. That’s why – when you’re surfing or socializing – you need to protect your mobile life.

      Our powerful mobile antivirus blocks malware & dangerous links – plus we help you to filter out unwanted calls & texts and guard your privacy. If your device goes missing, our remote tools can help prevent personal data falling into the wrong hands.

      • Blocks dangerous apps, websites and web links
      • Guards your personal data on missing devices
      • Helps you keep contacts, calls, texts & logs private

      Some features are only available in the Premium version.

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    • Kaspersky Cloud Password Manager

      Kaspersky Cloud Password Manager

      Kaspersky Password Manager securely stores all your passwords and synchronizes them across PC, Mac, Android & iOS devices – for safer access to your favourite accounts, apps & websites.

      • Stores all your passwords securely
      • Synchronize passwords via multiple devices
      • Simplifies ‘sign in’ for sites and apps
      • Generates strong passwords on PC
      • Fills in online forms on your PC or Mac
      • FREE version lets you manage 15 passwords
      • Premium version - for any number of passwords
      • Simplifies synchronization & security
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    • Kaspersky Safe Kids

      Kaspersky Safe Kids

      Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you create and negotiate safer ways for your children to explore today’s digital world. With device usage scheduling, automatic notifications about suspicious activities, GPS safe zones, real-time ‘child location display’ and summaries of what your children are searching, seeing and sharing… it’s easy to stay connected with your kids and help to make their digital lives safer.

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